Class of Motion Sensor Biyovaskü Inest etiam auxilium tenues Motivations



We chose this topic because we love biology and therefore human anatomy. We also want to help people and make them happy.

The problem we have chosen is what can be done to people who have lost their hands or fingers.

İn fact, we wanted to design a hand that would have the right to live as normal as we do. If everything goes well, we can keep their lives in order. Also, our designed artificial hand budget is more less and more convenient.

During the testing phase, we attached the Arduino Muscle Sensors on the skin to the muscles responsible for finger movement. Then we asked our test subject to shake his hand from our subject and he did. In summary, we tested it on a human without any risk and found that we would be successful or not.

Our research is an artificial hand that is capable of normalizing the life of someone who has lost his or her hand by birth or by accident.

The things we found were hopeful. The findings were useful to help people without fingers or hands. We think that this project is a project that can illuminate the path of people who cannot fulfill their hand functions.

The system we found is not just for hand. If we can do what we expect about it, we are planning to use signals from the brain and developing this system.

Question / Proposal

The question we were looking for was '' How can you help the people who have lost their hand, or who have lost their birth, and how can we help them solve this problem? ''. We want these people to live their lives freely. We said how we can do it ourselves and started our research. And a kind of prosthetic hand came to our minds that could perform the movements that people could have done with the help of the muscles in the arm. We thought of doing it with a kind of wireless sensor, but we figured it wouldn't be as successful as we thought. So we thought of making a hand that could detect the signals coming from the brain and transfer it to the hand, and we decided to make a hand that could detect the contraction of the arm muscles that could move the fingers in the hand, and transfer them to an electromagnetic system. We planned to develop them in a low budget and in a way that people's purchasing power would be sufficient. If we succeeded in doing this, we helped those who didn't have the hands, and made them feel that they didn't. We believe that there may be mishaps in our test that may go wrong. We hope that our results will be as smooth as we want, if we continue in a positive direction, we aim to introduce this project to the world and make it accessible to everyone.



A group of volunteers made commands from the brain to the artificial cola through the nerves in the brain..The team first vibrated the volunteers chest, bicep, and tricep tendons where the remaining nerves were rerouted toand asked them to mimic the perceived movements in their missing hands with their remaining one. Incredibly, different vibration paradigms mapped onto a library of complex hand motions. For example, stimulating the biceps in most patients generated the “cylinder grip,” in which the hand is loosely clenched as if wrapping around a tube. Other motions included the thumb and index finger “fine pinch,” or the thumb, middle, and index finger “tripod pinch. ” In all, the team identified 22 different hand motions, or precepts.Recovery was evident in minutes. Using the computer simulation software, the volunteers could easily close the quarter, half or three quarters of the road without watching the virtual prosthetic hands.Unsatisfied with just a proof-of-concept, the team next rigged a physical prosthetic hand with their vibration motor. 

In our study, not to use the nerves in the brain, but the muscles in the arm and the muscles used in the hand to grasp the hand. The only difference is that this group is trying to regulate the lives of people who have lost their arm using the nerves in the brain, and we try to make the hand grip movement with the help of muscles without using the nerves in the brain. We didn't know this team as we started, we learned from research. We wondered if it could be done with the help of the muscles in the arm. When he found out about this team, he put us up for a bit.

We have done this project in order to prove that our research is the same as ours and not that they are the same as us and that they can use their hands like an arm or other people who have lost their births and that they can actually use their hands like ours and that they should not be very upset. I hope that this project has been made to the whole world including the necessarily.


Method / Testing and Redesign

We found the problem first in our project. We have found solutions to this problem and in the light of those solutions, we came to the conclusion that it is more people with disabilities. We chose the most reasonable solution and started the project.

The most reasonable solution was to create a solution to an accidental or innate hand or finger loss.We have designed an artificial hand, which is the most used organ of our hand, how important it is for us and that people who have lost this importance can have it and perceive that they are loosened in the arm in the direction of this. With the help of a 3D printer, we installed servo motors that will enable the movement of several joints, and we have connected with the ardunio muscle sensor which is connected to the arm in this servo motor.

The sensors that we put on the muscles in the arm are moving at least with the servo motors.
This is the proof that our project is successful.

The place where we experimented and made our project was the laboratories of the Secondary and High School of Modern Education College.
These laboratories are safe and have the necessary materials to prevent possible mishaps and provide a suitable coditions for us to work.

As security measures we took, we used gloves to keep the our hand from burning.
We've learned how to handle and use the saw and drill correctly.
We took the model of the artificial hand on the 3D printer, and this 3D printer can be used without any problem, it does not contain any threat. We also used the screwdriver so the equipment we used was quite secure under one supervision. It doesn't have any structure that could harm anyone.

Our Project phase was simple and easy. we got help from your friends and teacher. We used the equipment carefully and keep it as far as we can to your skin. We avoided using dangerous tools on our own, got help from the teacher. As long as you follow the rules with simple basics like these, we saw that there's nearly nothing that can possibly go wrong in our project.



As a result of what we have done, we have seen that our prosthesis can act like a normal hand. As a result of our observations, we came to the conclusion that our hand prosthesis acted in accordance with what we wanted. Although our system did not have excessive functions, we could meet what we wanted to do. We are really looking for someone who needs it, we want to try it on with our own eyes to see how good it is for him and also want to see the good and bad. Plastic model of the prosthetic hand made it easier to make the purchase price, but also lowered. The sensors that are attached to the arms can detect the correct movements and this is connected to the Arduino with the help of cables by turning them into electrical signals. According to the codes we prepared here, servo motors are working with these commands that are transmitted to the servo motors. The fingers can be relaxed and loosened so that the clutch movement occurs. Our subject supports our results gives us the right to this issue. He states that he would be happy to use it if he had no fingers or fingers. She said we were comfortable, useful and doing something necessary. This project gives hope to people who have lost their hands and makes them feel that life can be beautiful.


Similarly, this project is a project made to show that it differs from us. The difference of this project from our project is that we have made an artificial hand that is capable of gripping movement using this mastro servo controller. So we really developed this project into a better and functional one.



I can explain the summary of our results as follows: We have made an artificial hand that makes it possible to move the fingers and use the sensors that work on the base of the muscles in the arm. Moreover, we have done something that is not as high as before, budget is affordable and can be changed at a certain time.

As we mentioned in the summary part of our problem, people without hand or fingers could not perform many activities in daily life. This prosthetic hand can perform the functions that a normal hand needs to do, such as grasping and releasing a glass, or stretching the fingers to press the ring button. As a result, our project has become capable of doing what we want, so our problem has been solved. We assumed that we could provide the necessary solutions to the problems and our project did what we wanted.

I think our experiment was successful because it really worked and we were able to do our hand that could shake hands, hold anything. We were hoping that a normal hand could perform its functions and we did what we expected. One thing that does not please is that the fingers sometimes failed to work independently, but what we wanted was to do the clutch movement. We're as good as 8 or 9 out of 10.

We made our project with all determination. Other ideas were born in our minds, but for now, we have focused more on this issue than we do. If we are successful here, we are thinking about implementing other things that come to our minds. There was something we were thinking about, and whether the signals were taken from the arm muscles or the brain, so we chose the arm muscles here. We do not know much about brain signals, but we want to do this in the future.

We have prepared our project, but we didnt found anything (biyovasküler sensör) . We need to think and work on how to make this project even more perfect. We also think about things like eliminating cables, shrinking engines, or putting things in. Yes, our results inspired us to question. How can we do better? What happens if we do that? We asked a lot of questions like what we could do with something more functional, or what would cause us to make changes. We wanted to do better and more usefully, we did not forget the budget and looked at things we could do. In the future, I think this will probably help us with the questions we ask ourselves. If the project is over, we have to think about what we can do and what we can do, so we can find what we really deserve. You know, people couldn't find perfection, but they always developed and developed what they had. We're supposed to be like that, and we hope we can.

About me

Me and my friend hope that we can find what we are looking for. This fair is the most difficult way to announce what we want to the world, but also the highest probability.

We examine people and learn about them. It is important to be aware of what is happening in the world, what people experience and what problems they face. We are less than 18 years old, spend time with technology as we do with our other peers and enter into this world. This project is the common point of our wants.

We like to be interested in science as we supposed to be. Humans are changing the course of the world with innovative and modern ideas almost every year, and we want to be one of those who make these revolutions. It sounds like a dream, but there are miracles, right? We also need a good job and a good education and perception in order to have a quality life in the future, we need to be entrepreneur and believe that we can do something.

Winning will change our lives, we are not talking about a few amount. Put the money aside, the knowledge and experience we get from this fair can change many things in our lives. The certificate we receive can allow us to study in the best schools in the world and make our lives better quality. At the end, winning in this fair will greatly affect the course of our lives.

Health & Safety

As you say, health comes first and foremost. We first thought of this and we made sure that there was no health hazard in what we were going to do. We used saw drills and soldering, and we kept our hands and arms while using them and used the tools as needed. We received help from our Zafer teacher for the transactions we thought we could not do. We do not have an electric shock risk or a cutter / piercing piece. You can get more information from from our project under the supervision of our Zafer Turkmen teacher who gives us a lot of support and help in the construction of the project. Our business was generally coding, connecting cables and 3D printers, and we were able to use tools without much trouble. As a result, we have completed our project without a scratche.


Bibliography, references, and acknowledgements


In this research, some sites have helped us and inspired us. Some of these :,


We would like to express our gratitude to our mentors and fathers who have contributed to this project, to our Zafer Turkmen teacher who supported us in this project, to our classmates (especially our group) who supported us ,Hamza teacher who gave us the opportunity to leave us free of charge, help us to spend time in the lessons, we thank all of our lecturers who have entered our lessons.


We tried to work out the research and development parts of the project after taking the time from the school. We tried to evaluate the facilities of the school as much as we could.


Modern Education College We would like to thank you for allowing us to use the laboratories at the Middle School and the Modern Education College High School.


The internet links we provided above have really helped us. We can say its put on the rigt way.We have collected information from each site that we can add to our project and we have prepared this project. This study, which we conducted under the leadership of our triumph, has brought us very important information and experiences. Our school was also very helpful to us whether you need to use the computer rooms you need to get us laboratory. We would also like to thank them for the support our friends gave us. I hope it was a good project.