Carbon Dioxide Remover


Global warming is already affecting us and the environment in a negative way and it will only get worse through time because one of the leading causes of it is the increase of greenhouse gas emissions mainly carbon dioxide.


The world population and Global warming is increasing and will soon be a very big danger to our planet because while these factors are increasing the size of the planet is still the same this will cause more strain on it. 

Predicted outcome

The Carbon Dioxide Remover is an invention that dramastically reduces the gas by allowing it to react with a chemical which is in the core of the mechanism, the effectiveness of the chemical depends on the pH level of the chemical itself (which is known to react with carbon dioxide) 


The same amount of the chemical will be inserted in the Carbon Dioxide Remover Core, the room will be at 30 degrees Celsius then put each Core, with different chemicals  in the mechanism and turn it on for 1 to 12 hours recording each of the results hourly

The temperature will decrease no matter which material you will use the difference would be the speed.

At the end of this I just hope that people really understand the importance of collectively taking care of the planet we all live in. 


Question / Proposal

Primary question 

Can I reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Global warming is growing gradually and some precautions have been taken but they are not changing anything drastically.Greenhouse gases are one of the leading causes for global warming.The earth naturally produces them and it also naturally gets rid of them but people are producing even more by using electronics like cars and home appliances and so far the regular person is not doing anything to reduce it, a lot of CO2 in our houses is  not only bad for our environment but a build up of CO2 in the air will cause us to absorb it instead of  oxygen in our bloodstream which over time will starve the body of oxygen which can lead to brain damage.I made a system that removes carbon dioxide from the air.

Measurable question

Which is the best chemical that reacts the most with Carbon dioxide and lowers the temperature the most? 


The stronger the pH level of the chemical the more effective it will be. 

The reason for the Hypothesis iis for example think of coffee the more coffee granuils you add the stronger it tastes. 

This is how it would work 


For people to actually want to help make our planet better they would actually have to care about it that's why I believe that one of the first steps would be to make people aware of the negative aspects of it 



Resent work done

Many coperations have tried to limit their carbon dioxide emissions by using a method called carbon capture and storage whereby they capture waste carbon dioxide from large sources like power plants, even though it's a step forward household emissions will still increase because the population keeps on increasing which means more people produce greenhouse gas emissions. 

How my work works

My mechanism is composed of 2 cylindric see through containers with one end the diameter is 10cm and the other end 15cm but the 10cm diameter side cut out in both containers. A Carbon Dioxide Remover Core is an absorbant core that is composed of 3 layers a absorbant thermoplastic on either side and cotton in the middle layer, this core will consist of 15 drops of each chemical in each individual core. On the 15cm diameter sides will be 2 small fans I made out of a plastic fan, 9v battery and cap, wires, DC motor and a switch. How a fan works is that it sucks in air from behind then blows it out to the front, my thought was I wanted to pull air through the bigger diameter circle so using my small fan I just simply turned it backwards(in this case face right or Eastern ) then the air that is sucked in will go through the Carbon Dioxide Remover Core and that will allow it to react with the chemical(this will be placed between the 10cm diameter sides which are cut out  what will connect them will be glue on the circumference) , with the fan on the right side will also face the right side or eastern. And it will suck the carbon dioxide free air out into the atmosphere.

How it works in the real world

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "since it's not that hard to make, people can make it themselves once they are aware.when people are not educated about the situation they don't really care so the first step would be education, then they can start finding ways to improve the issue like my project and even build on it, of course the goal would be to have everyone make it themselves and let it work. 

Method / Testing and Redesign


*Soda lime

*Sodium Hydroxide

*Potassium Hydroxide

*Lithium Hydroxide

All chemicals had been put in their own individual Carbon Dioxide Remover Cores, (15)drops. 

The experiment is to test which chemical reduces the temperature the most. 

First-we start out with a room with the temperature of 30 degrees celcius for all the experiments

Second-turn on the mechanism for 1 to 12 hours 

Third-record all the temperatures hourly 

The test was fair because 

The room in which the experiments were performed in was left at 30 degrees celcius for 1 day to see if the temperature would stay the same through all the experiments and they would be fair. All the materials and chemicals for all the experiments was exactly the same. 


My garage 

All experiments were over seen by my parents

Safety gear was always worn



Ph levels

Soda lime- 13.5

Sodium hydroxide-between 10.98 and 12

Potassium Hydroxide ​​​​​​-12

Lithium Hydroxide-11.63

Potassium Hydroxide (it is reactivated by acides and since CO2 is an acidic oxide it is always reactivated) works the most followed by soda lime then Lithium Hydroxide then sodium hydroxide. 



Potassium Hydroxide is the chemical that decreased the temperature the most because it is reactivated by acides and since CO2 is an acidic oxide it is constantly reactivated

Lithium Hydroxide was second because it starts out moderate but it looses its energy

Sodium Hydroxide was third because over time it also looses energy

Soda lime was fourth because it reacts very slowly 

The ability of how fast it works depends on how reactive it is not the ph balance 

I could improve the method by making it on a bigger scale. 

In my opinion the experiment was successful because I got results. 

I would like to make my own chemical that works 10 times more than all of these. 

About me

I'm Lizette Raselekane and I love mathematics, watching TV and cooking.

I got interested in STEM by watching The Big Bang Theory, which is basically about a group of awkward scientists, I love the show. I learnt a ton from it .My favorite scientist is Sheldon Cooper, a character on the show, because of his niavety and his perspective on life .He might not exactly be a real person but he was he would definitely be number one.

I don't know exactly what I want to do in life but I have an idea and compilation of a ton of careers I'm interested in. I want to enjoy and love what I do which is learning about interesting, new things. I would love the opportunity to enroll in an ivy league school like Harvard  Stanford and Yale as it has produced impressive alumni.    

​​I know this would be a great platform to showcase my work and enthusiasm for my project which is why winning would be amazing and really honouring and humbling . The prize would help my parents with university tuition and this will give my career a huge boost and set it up for success.                              


Health & Safety

  • All the experiments were supervised by my parents
  • Worked at home
  • Always wore safety gear


Bibliography, references, and acknowledgements


I would like to thank my parents who have supported  me throughout my journey.They have done a lot including buying my materials and supervising all my home experiments.