The PeelTowel

Prarthana Prashanth, Milind Sagaram, Srikant Lokesh, Illinois, USA 13-15

People in developing nations frequently lack options for personal hygiene, which can lead to infectious diseases. Additionally, in the United States, paper and organic waste is adding to landfills, harming the environment. Hoping to solve these hygiene and waste issues, we created the PeelTowel, an accessible product made from typically discarded fruit peels and recycled paper. After testing the Kiwi, Orange, and Lime PeelTowels under Dr. Alan Hauser at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, the Lime PeelTowel killed 95% and the Orange PeelTowel killed 94% of E.coli. Additionally, the Lime PeelTowel absorbed three times more water than the current standard paper towel.

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