The effect of phosphorus powder on efficiency in dye-sensitized solar batteries

AYÇA ARSLAN, Nida Yılmaz, Turkey 16-18

Trying to supply the world’s energy with nonrenewable energy resources like coal, petrol, lignite, and natural gas is not only damaging the world but also causing the depletion of these resources. This is why the need for renewable energy sources has grown. Solar batteries are a commonly used tool that operates on solar energy, one of the most widely used sources of energy among renewable energy resources. Dye-sensitized solar batteries were chosen for our project since the sun is an unlimited and free source of energy, and they are easy and inexpensive to produce. The method we applied to our project that distinguishes it from other solar batteries is that we used phosphorous powder. Our objective is to increase efficiency in dye-sensitized solar batteries with the use of phosphorus powder and reduce dependence on nonrenewable energy sources.

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