A device that uses the resonance principle of Korean bells to harvest pressure energy and reduce pressure in high-speed railway tunnels by using pressure waves generated in the tunnel

Jeonghyeon Kim, South Korea 16-18

This project aims to develop a device capable of effectively reducing compression waves in high-speed railway tunnels and simultaneously harvesting energy from the waves by applying a new type of resonator using the resonance principle of Korean bells in the tunnel. When a high-speed train enters a tunnel, the air inside the tunnel is instantaneously compressed, generating high-magnitude compression waves. Through the development of a device that can collect energy from compression waves, a new type of renewable energy can be obtained. At the same time, the new device can address noise and vibration issues by reducing compression waves. Therefore, the device helps to produce fusion and sustainable energy by turning a nuisance into a renewable energy source in an environmentally friendly way.

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