Hydrogen, the future energy: production from green waste by photocatalysis via visible solar spectrum

Ahmet Alp Derin, Oktay Demirci, Turkey 16-18

The main purpose of our project is to produce hydrogen fuel by using solar energy to trigger a photocatalytic reaction that decomposes cellulose molecules until hydrogen gas is fully produced. By following such a method, both Mother Nature and humanity will benefit greatly from our project. To begin with, it will reduce the toxic gas emission caused by other energy resources since hydrogen is an adequate and powerful replacement of nonrenewable energy sources. Our project also aims to reduce the water shortage problem because at the end of our photocatalytic reactions, we produce water molecules that can be used for many purposes. The process will also reduce the green plant waste produced by farmers, which can be used in a more productive way than just getting burned or thrown away without any chance given for fertile usage.

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