Characteristics of four selected mangrove species in low-saline environment in Batangas

Melody Cortiñas, Shara Lee Martinez, Eugenio Magdales, Philippines 16-18

Taal Lake and the Pansipit River are low-saline environments that serve as home for different endemic species, but they are fast deteriorating. Meanwhile, mangroves could serve as critical spawning, nursery, and coastline protection, as well as natural wastewater filters as they absorb pollutants.

Due to the availability of mangroves in Batangas, the researchers conducted a study to determine the attributes of four mangrove species—Bakawang Lalaki (Rhizophora apiculata), Putotang Lalaki (Bruguiera cylindrica), Kalapinay (Avicennia marina) and Saging-saging (Aegiceras corniculatum)—in a low-saline environment, which can be a basis for plant introduction in Taal Lake and the Pansipit River.

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