Carbo-S polymer: a solution to the global water crisis (combating water pollution and facilitating better water retention in soil)

Manikya Verma, India 16-18

My project is a microporous, adsorbing polymer consisting of alpha-dextrose-glucose and activated carbon as the constituents. Because of its intense microporosity and adsorption potential, it can remove most of the organic and inorganic contaminants from water, including mineral salts, rendering it clean and pristine to be used again. Unlike present filter or filtration membranes that have to be replaced and disposed of after they are saturated with impurities, my polymer can be recycled many times because of its hydrolyzable structure. Moreover, once filtration is done or the polymer gets saturated, it can be used as a superabsorbent polymer by direct introduction in soil to increase its water-holding capacity, thus enhancing seed germination and plant growth. It is completely biodegradable and no chemicals or reagents except the two mentioned above were used in synthesizing the polymer, making it an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way to treat both global and local water crises.

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