AquaLoop: a surface water data buoy system

Carlo Charles, Miguel Antonio Chavez, Cj Ritualo, Philippines 16-18

Nowadays, more problems in the ocean are continuously arising, and unless immediate action is done to address these problems, the quality of our marine biodiversity will continue to deteriorate. Its root cause is that we lack the sufficient technology to monitor and explore our marine biodiversity. In the Philippines alone, we have lost most of our coral reefs and marine resources.

To be able to save our marine resources, we must do research. But research without efficient data buoys in the ocean would bring more confusion than conclusions. The AquaLoop solves this problem by providing a surface water buoy system that obtains essential sensor data and transmits it wirelessly to allow researchers to access the data anytime and anywhere. This would greatly help in the conservation and exploration of our waters, as we believe that it will make sure that the gap between ocean researchers and ocean research will be bridged.

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