Yi Xi Kang, Tricia Lim, Samantha Kwok

A Treatment for Liver Inflammation

Yi Xi Kang, Tricia Lim, Samantha Kwok, Singapore Finalist, 15-16

Our project explores regressive properties of progesterone, estriol, and estrone in hepatic fibrosis, a scarring process caused by liver inflammation. Prior research has shown these female sex hormones may have preventive effects, but has not established their regressive properties. This project aims to find the hormone most potent in its regressive properties in rat hepatic stellate cell (HSC) cultures, to obtain the lowest effective dosage and hence, reduce side effects of therapy. We treated activated HSC-T6 cells with hormones, and quantified fibrotic markers to to determine treatment efficacy. Our research could provide insight on treatment modalities for potential estrogen-deficient patients.