Adsorption of nitrophenols (NPhs) using N-doped carbonaceous material

Anusha Bhattacharyya, Arkansas, USA 16-18

Nitrophenols (NPhs), chemicals used in pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides for synthesizing, are a major water pollutant. The pollution related to these products is increasing exponentially. The goal of this project was to find a suitable adsorbent to remove NPhs from water in an efficient, inexpensive, and sustainable way. To achieve this, I designed and synthesized an efficient and reusable NPhs-adsorbent, N-C-TiO2. Every kilogram of the material I developed can remove 52 grams of pollutant (NPhs) from water, costs only $7/kilogram, and can clean millions of liters of water, making it much cheaper and sustainable than current alternatives.

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