PaperPure: a novel eco-friendly and low-cost paper-based antimicrobial water filter synthesised using wild grass

Gideon Tay Yee Chuen, Pulkit Athavle, Singapore 16-18

Through this project, we developed, prototyped, and tested PaperPure: a novel antimicrobial water filter for point-of-use applications in disaster-hit regions and areas with microbially contaminated water sources. PaperPure kills microbes in water filtered through it. To produce PaperPure, we conducted in situ reduction of silver nitrate to silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) on filter paper, using the common grass species Zoysia matrella. PaperPure has strong antimicrobial efficacy (given potent bactericidal AgNPs), is easily fabricated and fast to use (fabrication time: 10 min; filtration time: 5 min/100 ml), low cost (10¢ to 15¢), and environmentally sustainable (no toxic byproducts or precursors).

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