Anela Arifi, Ilda Ismaili

Catch It On The Wing: Production of hydrogen storage material and biodiesel from chicken feathers

Anela Arifi, Ilda Ismaili, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina) Finalist, 16-18

Our project is based on a two-reactor system for producing hydrogen storage material and biodiesel from chicken feathers. The system is made up of a pyrolysis reactor, with an afterburner chamber, that prevents any energy loss, and a biodiesel reactor. The biodiesel reactor is connected to the pyrolysis reactor in a way that the heat from pyrolysis is used for the transesterification process. When tested, carbonized chicken feathers showed good characteristics for hydrogen storage and biodiesel proved to be very good quality. If used, our system will provide a cleaner environment, better quallity fuel and a healthier future.