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Submissions open September 13th, 2018

Submissions close December 12th, 2018

State award winners announced March 2019

Regional finalists announced April 2019

Global finalists announced May 2019

The official clock is based on the time in Mountain View, California, U.S. Be sure to check your timezone deadline!

That’s a wrap for this year’s Google Science Fair! Check out all the winning ideas.

The fun doesn’t have to end just because this year’s competition is over. Keep the ideas flowing and check out some inspiration here.

Rules to keep in mind.

Check out the rules document before you begin your project. It’s short and painless. We promise.

Want to know how judging works?

Here’s everything about the judging process and criteria.

What happens after I submit my project?

Our judging panel will be reviewing all submissions based on the judging criteria. The highest-scoring projects will be reviewed closely and our 100 Regional finalist projects will be chosen. Next, the judges will select 20 Global finalists projects from across the globe to travel to Mountain View, California where the category winners and Grand Prize winner will be announced.

What is the judging criteria?

Inspirational entry/idea

The judges are looking for entries that offer a new perspective, fresh thinking, or an innovative approach. It doesn’t need to be a totally new area of STEM. In fact, most breakthroughs simply continue where others left off---and we’re all for that.

Capacity to make an impact

The judges are looking closely to see if your work could positively impact the real world, either now or in the future. So, in your project, take the time to show how and where your findings could be applied or scaled to real-world scenarios.

Passion for science/engineering

The judges are looking for innovators who are really passionate about their project, so remember to include how you came up with the idea and why you wanted to pursue it. If this isn’t your first STEM competition, tell us about it---we love to see where your passion has taken you! The “About me” section is the perfect place to communicate this.

Excellence of method

The judges are checking that your Method/Testing works with your original Question/Proposal---and you’ve discussed the reasons for this. Remember, even if your original idea failed, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good project. Learning from your experiment is all part of the problem-solving process. Just be sure to talk about this, and suggest how it could be improved.


The judges all have different backgrounds and you need to be able to explain your project to all of them, so make sure you write clearly and concisely throughout. Try being creative in your approach to bring your project to life---shoot videos, take pictures and create visuals. Google Docs are also available to help you create presentations, graphs, and other materials that might be difficult to express in words alone, like your Results.

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